Installation Planning Manuals - IMPPs

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Description Form # Link
General Installation Planning
IBM General Information Manual - IMPP GC22-7072
System I & P - Physical Site Planning and Preparation (search on link) link
General Informatio for Planning a Physical Site - Resource Link - requires IBM ID link
Template collection on Visio Cafe link
Power Concepts and Solutions for IBM System x and Blade Center PDF
IBM zSeries - S/390
2064 zSeries 900 Enterprise Server Planning Aid PDF
2066 zSeries 800 Installation Manual - Physical Planning PDF
2084 zSeries 990 Installation Manual - Physical Planning GC28-6824
2086 zSeries 890 IMPP (see Resource Link) GC28-6828
2094 zSeries 9 EC IMPP (see Resource Link) GC28-6844
2074 Console Support Controller Installation and Maint. Information G229-9028
2097 zSeries z10 Installation Manual Physical Planning GC28-6865
2817 zSeries z196 Installation Manual Physical Planning GC28-6897
2458 zBX zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension IMPP GC27-2611
IBM S/390 Multiprise 2000 - IMPP(G4) GC22-7102
IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G5 & G6 - IMPP GC22-7106
IBM 7060 Multiprise 3000 - Power link
IBM 7060 Multiprise 3000 - Physical Dimensions link
9032-002, 9033-001 ESCON Director Planning GA23-0364
Planning for the 9032 Model 5 Director with FICON Converter Feature SA22-7415
Planning for the 9032 Model 3 & 5, 9033 Model 4 SA22-7295
Planning for: S/390 Fiber Optic Links (ESCON, FICON, CF and OSA) GA23-0367
BG79 - Optica ESCON Parallel Convertor 34600 (9034 compatible) link
Optica - PRIZM FICON to ESCON Convertor link
pSeries - RS/6000
IBM Power System Hardware Information Center link
pSeries 690 Installation Guide SA38-0588
RS/6000 Site Hardware Planning Information (PDF) SA38-0508
RS/6000 SP Planning Volume 1 / Hardware and Pysical Environment GA22-7280
eServer Cluster 1600 - Planning, Installation and Service  (PDF) GA22-7863
7014 Model T00 and Model T42 System Rack - Installation Guide SA38-0641
7014 EMEA Power - New Generation 3 Type PDU pdf
System p and System i - Site and Hardware Planning Guide SA76-0091
iSeries - AS/400
AS/400 Technical Studio - Site Preparation pdf
iSeries Information Center - Plan for physical environment link
iSeries - Plan for Hardware and Software pdf
AS/400 Physical Planning Reference - Version 3 SA41-4109
AS/400 Physical Planning Reference - Version 4 SA41-5109
AS/400 Physical Planning Considerations GA21-9585
Advanced Series Expansion Tower and Rack Specifications link
xSeries - Netfinity Servers
IBM 9306 Netfinity Rack - Planning and Installation Guide S24L-8055
9307/9308 Rack Planning Guide - IBM eServer xSeries PDF
IBM Netfinity 9308 Enterprise Rack - Planning Guide S37L-7055
Netfinity 8500R - Hardware Information MIGR4C8LGY
Bladecenter 5000 (Type 8677) Introduction and Planning Guide GA27-4327
IBM eServer Blade Center - Heat & Power doc
Blade Center Products - Hints and Tips PDF
IBM Blade Center Products and Technology (Redbook) PDF
IBM NetBay Rack Decision makers guide PDF
xSeries Rack Configuration tool exe
BlueGene L - Supercomputer
0203 BlueGene/L Hardware Overview and Planning PDF
IBM Total Storage - DASD
XIV G2 Power Cabling Graphics - Powercabling overview PDF
1710 FAStT Expansion 100 - Installation Guide GC26-7601
3552 FAStT500 RAID Controler Enclosure Unit - Installation Guide
1750 IBM TotalStorage DS6000 - Introduction and Planning Guide GC26-7679
2101-200 IBM Storage Solution Rack Model 200 HTML
2105 ESS - Introduction and Planning Guide E10, F10, E20, F20 GC26-7294
2105 ESS - Model 800 Introduction and Planning Guide GC26-7444
2107 TotalStorage DS8000 - Introduction and Planning Guide GC35-0515
IBM System Storage DS8700 - Architecture and Implementation SG24-8786
2107 DS8000 Pre-Installation Work Sheet (GC35-0495) Word.doc
SAN Products
Total Storage Support - SAN Switches link
2032 Fibre Channel Switch EDS-5000 (Mc Data) link
2032-140 McData 6140 FICON Director - Port Layout PDF
2042 Fibre Channel Director (Inrange) - Planning Guide link
2109-M14 IBM TotalStorage SAN Switch - Installation and Service GC26-7631
2109SAN Fiber Channel Switch - Installation and Service Guide SC26-7352
2027 IBM Total Storage Products SAN Planning Manual GC26-7675
2145 TotalStorage SAN n-type Director Family Site Planning Guide GC26-7715
Tape Library & Optical Products
3494 Enterprise Automated Tape Library - Introduction and Planning GA32-0448
3494 Tape Library- Introduction and Planning Guide GA32-0279
3570 Magstar Tape Subsystem Introduction and Planning Guide GA32-0392
3570 Tape Subsystem Introduction and Planning Guide, B-Series GA32-0348
3575 Magstar Tape Library Dataserver - Introduction and Planning Guide GA32-0380
3576 TS3310 Tape Library Maintenance Information GA32-0478
TS3500 Tape Library - Introduction and Planning Guide GA32-0559
TS3500 Tape Library with ALMS - Introduction and Planning Guide GA32-0593
3590 Tape Susystem - Introduction and Planning Guide GA32-0329
3590 Silo-Compatible Mod.C12&C14 Intro. Planning Guide GA32-0366
3592 Silo Compatible Tape Frame - Planning and Users Guide GA32-0463
3953 Tape Frame Model F05 and Library Manager Model L05 GA32-0472
3995 C-Series - Introduction and Planning Guide GA32-0350
3995 Optical Library - Introduction and Planning Guide GA32-0121
9393 Physical Planning Guide GC26-7169
Networking Products
2210 Intro and Planning GA27-4068
2212 Intro and Planning Guide GA27-4215
2216-400 and Network Utility Introduction and Planning Guide GA27-4105
3745 Communication Controller - Physical Planning GA27-4238
Network Attached Storage (NAS)
IBM System Storage N series Introduction and Planning Guide GA32-0543
NAS 100, 200, 300 and 300G Planning Guide GA27-4313
TotalStorage NAS 100, 200, and Gateway 300 Planning Guide GA27-4319
IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500 Planning Guide GA27-4335
Network Attached Storage 7000G Introduction and Planning Guide GA27-4261
Planning for Fiber Optic Links - FTS
Fiber Optic Infrastructure for Current and Next Generation Data Communication pdf
IBM System z Fiber Channel Connection (FICON) I/O Interface, Physical Layer SA24-7172
IBM System Z Connectivity Handbook SG24-5444
Planning for Fiber Optic Links (ESCON,FICON,Coupling Links & OSA) GA23-0367
Fiber Optic Links (ESCON, FICON, Coupling Links & OSA) SY27-2597
FTS Physical and Configuration Planning Guide link
IBM Facilities Cabling Services - Fiber Transport system link

** General Information for Planning a Physical Site on Resource Link:
select > Planning > zSeries > Hardware > z900  > Physical Planning